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Saturday, April 13




Student Athletes Panel Putnam Science Center, Room 282Student Leadership/Cocurricular Leadership in Manufacturing Putnam Science Center, Room 101Brett Johnson • James Kyle Attract, Engage, Develop and Retain Employees - An Exploration of Talent Management Putnam Science Center, Room 163Courtney Sheehy • Dave Beaudry Building Energy Simulation on Model Houses Saves Money and the Planet Putnam Science Center, Room 154Audrey Oberst • Fernando Del Ama Gonzalo • Faculty Development Grant Colors Like Me: Race and Diversity in Early Childhood Putnam Science Center, Room 175Marian O'Keefe • Jayme Hines Computing Decimal Expansions of Rational Numbers Putnam Science Center, Room 181Danielle Wiley • Vincent Ferlini Dynamic Communication Between Diverse Learning Machines Putnam Science Center, Room 126Kole Nunley • Wei Lu Effect of Aquaculture on Microbial Diversity and Heavy Metal Concentrations Putnam Science Center, Room 161Joshua Stevens • Priyanka Roy Chowdhury • NH-INBRE Effects of Arsenic Toxicity and Nutrition on Daphnia Health Putnam Science Center, Room 161Joseph Owens • Anthony Schultz • Priyanka Roy Chowdhury • NH-INBRE Native Americans’ Hidden Pasts: The Abenaki’s Dispossession, Transference, and Reclamation Putnam Science Center, Room 163Jeniffer Afualo-Robinson • Dorothy Arroyo • Marie Duggan Simulating Resiliency: Building an Architectural Tool Belt Putnam Science Center, Room 154Danielle Pinette • Cameron Aylward • Fernando Del Ama Gonzalo • Sustainability • School of Sciences • and Health Student Research Stipend Strategy Retention of Neural Networks across Diverse Environments Putnam Science Center, Room 126Walker Sorensen • Wei Lu Tandem Walk With and Without A Cognitive Challenge Between College Students and Older Adults Putnam Science Center, Room 102Sally Densmore • Erica Stauffer • Wanda Swiger and Melanie Adams The Averages of Permutations Putnam Science Center, Room 181Nicole De Almeida • Vincent Ferlini The Effect of Hydration on Short-Term Memory and Cognition Putnam Science Center, Room 102Hannah McNicholas • Megan Taylor • Wanda Swiger and Melanie Adams The Open Innovation Space (OIS) Putnam Science Center, Room 175Tanner Gobeil • Bart Sapeta United Under the Falange: Francisco Franco, Donald Trump, and the Politics of Coalitions Putnam Science Center, Room 129Ryan Meehan (Morris-August Honors Student) • Wes Martin Homelessness in Keene: Community Response and Responsibility Putnam Science Center, Room 127Kali Sequeira • Emily Bunszel • Christine Bryan • Betsy Dubois If Musicians Can Keep Time, What is the Point of the Conductor? L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomEmma Robitille • Sandra Howard Using Technology to Streamline the A Cappella Rehearsal L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomBrendan Goodwin (Morris-August Honors Student) • Sandra Howard


Electric Car Charging Station Designs Putnam Science Center, Room 101Maxwell Tucker • Connor Foody • Lisa Hix Manufacturing Enterprise: The GeoSpeaker Putnam Science Center, Room 101Erin Hartgraves • Julia Przekaza (Morris-August Honors Student) • Lisa Hix Climate Change and Rising Sea-Levels: Changing Livelihoods in the Pacific Islands Putnam Science Center, Room 163Bryanna Weigel (Morris-August Honors Student) • Nicole Wengerd Deep Divisions of Identity, Language, and Land: The Politics of Finland Putnam Science Center, Room 129Victoria Bergstrom (Morris-August Honors Student) • Wes Martin Exploring the Behaviors of HS Sequences Putnam Science Center, Room 181Samantha Sullivan • Vincent Ferlini From La Torre to the Elm City: One Family's Immigration Story Putnam Science Center, Room 163Theresa Derry • Michael Antonucci and Margaret Walsh Hegel and the Trans Experience Putnam Science Center, Room 154Coraline J Seksinsky • Nicholas Germana Integers and Vertex Squares Putnam Science Center, Room 181Kiera Bell • Abigail Call • Vincent Ferlini Polyvictimization and Opioid Use among Jailed Women in New Hampshire: An Application of General Strain Theory Putnam Science Center, Room 161CJ Miceli • Angela Barlow • NH-INBRE Simulating High Altitude Balloon Processes for Rapid Innovation Putnam Science Center, Room 126Kole Nunley • Wei Lu The Effects of Minimum Wage Across the New-Hampshire-Massachusetts State Border. Putnam Science Center, Room 129Adam Sabol • William McColloch The Knapsack Problem: Optimizing Value with Limited Resources Putnam Science Center, Room 126Adam Zett • Mike Cullinane The Relationship Between Core Stability, Balance, and Ankle Dorsiflexion in Healthy College Dance Majors Putnam Science Center, Room 102Miranda Roy • Katie Miller • Wanda Swiger and Melanie Adams When Juveniles are Tried as Adults: An Analysis on “Getting Tough” Putnam Science Center, Room 161Jordan Pierce • Peter Stevenson “Comrades, The Voices!”: Oswald Mosley and the Failure of Pre-War British Fascism Putnam Science Center, Room 154Colin Meehan • Nicholas Germana Greek Life Panel Putnam Science Center, Room 282Kyana Anderson • Emily Foy • Nadia Hasan • Vincent Pagan • Casey Lynn VanHorn • Britany Gallagher Incorporating Restorative Justice Lessons in the Secondary Social Studies Classroom Putnam Science Center, Room 127Alexis Sanborn • Tyler Chaisson • Nicholas Yialiades • John Sturtz



After Such Knowledge: My Identity as a Twin in Post-Holocaust Society Putnam Science Center, Room 154Alexis Sanborn • Hank Knight Americans in Krakow: Living and Learning in Poland Putnam Science Center, Room 154Julia Peet • Grace Miller • Paul Vincent Arithmetic Sequences and Repeated Digits Putnam Science Center, Room 181Nicholas Ahlgren • Vincent Ferlini Differences In Source Memory Using Auditory and Visual Stimuli Putnam Science Center, Room 129Grace Vogel • Janis Gaudreau • Megan Marshall • Harlan Fichtenholtz • NH-INBRE Differentiating the Inflammatory Effects of Biodiesel and Diesel Exhaust Particles on Human Epithelial Lung Cells Putnam Science Center, Room 161Collin Coviello • Nora Traviss • Center for Creative Inquiry Research Grant Guilty Knowledge: Lie Detection Using Event-Related Potentials Putnam Science Center, Room 129Janis Gaudreau • Harlan Fichtenholtz • NH-INBRE Machine Learning Methods on Biomedical Image Classification Putnam Science Center, Room 126Matthew Pittendreigh • Meenalosini Vimal Cruz • Student Research Fund Mapping out the Universe Putnam Science Center, Room 163Michael Godzik • Steven Harfenist Social Media and its effects on Stress in Millennials Putnam Science Center, Room 102Joshua Moore • Meg Henning The Butt of the Joke: Using Humor to Create Positive Behavior Change Putnam Science Center, Room 161Julia Brida • Thomas Webler • NOAA-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grant The Relationship Between the 30-15 Fitness Test (IFT) and 30-15 On-Ice Test (IIT) Putnam Science Center, Room 102Carlin Testa • Michael Wadsworth • Wanda Swiger Using Pictures to Understand your Brain! Putnam Science Center, Room 126Cameron Spiess • Caitlyn Parmelee What's in the Box? Putnam Science Center, Room 181Lottie Page • Maria Aiello • Faith Pudlo • Vincent Ferlini ASPIRing Students Panel Putnam Science Center, Room 282Matthew Griffin • Courtney Leonard • Kylie Scheck • and Marissa Milley • Laura Mielke • Mark Schmidl-Gagne Conducting Archival and Field Research in Creative Nonfiction Writing Putnam Science Center, Room 127William Sheerin • Melissa DePew • Rachel Ford • Kelsi Massicotte • Katherine Tirabassi I 8 Civilization: A Modern Dance Performance Based On Technology and How It Affects Us L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomZachary Robinson • Cynthia McLaughlin Should Choreographer’s Prioritize Audience Accessibility Over a Strong Artistic Voice? L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomJacob Lavoie • Cynthia McLaughlin


I Post Therefore I Am Putnam Science Center, Room 101Haley Kean • Rosemarie Bernardi and Michael Smoot • SURF Grant "Tell it Slant" – The Nature of “Truth” in Creative Writing Putnam Science Center, Room 161Alexa Unger • Eva Quill • Sonja Martineau • Lexi Palmer • Brinda Charry and Jeff Friedman "To the Lighthouse:" A Trinity of Foils Putnam Science Center, Room 161Daniel Carney-Olmstead • William Stroup A Mathematical Investigation of Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing 413 Putnam Science Center, Room 181Lydia Ahlstrom • Vincent Ferlini Gilgamesh, an Ancient Near Eastern Epic Putnam Science Center, Room 154Samuel Cotton • Rodney Obien Olive Ridley (L. olivacea) and Green Sea Turtles (C. mydas) Nest Site Selection in Playa Mata Oscura, Veraguas. Putnam Science Center, Room 163Lindsay Penn • Denise Burchsted and Sasha Davis Storm Driven Sediment Deposition on Plum Island Massachusetts Putnam Science Center, Room 163Crystal Pringle • Stephen Bill and Charles Kerwin The Graph Theory Behind Kidney Exchange Programs Putnam Science Center, Room 126Hannah Melanson • Karen Stanish The Political Tragedy of Pregnancy Loss Putnam Science Center, Room 129Christine Bryan • Emily McGill Triangles of Odd Constructions Putnam Science Center, Room 181Andrew Parsons • Vincent Ferlini Visual Gems of Number Theory Putnam Science Center, Room 126Sarah Doubleday • Karen Stanish When Artists Abuse: Our Obligation to Ignore Morally Tainted Art Putnam Science Center, Room 129Rebekah Chiasson • Emily McGill and Sander Lee Dr. Seuss and the American Mind Putnam Science Center, Room 127Sara Getchell • Maxwell T. Tsekrekas • Tara M. Burt • Lily C. Flynn • Jennika M. Mullen • Jacqueline M. Poirier • Michael Antonucci Student Internships and Professional Experience Panel Putnam Science Center, Room 282Nicholas Morrisohn • Morgan Prittie • Valentina Pinzon-Mendez • Olivia Stack • Kristin Mehalick-Brooks Woodsmoke, Air Inversions, Public Health, and Facebook: Using Citizen Science and Coordinated No-Burn Nights to Enhance Winter Air Quality in Keene Putnam Science Center, Room 102Elizabeth Abrevaya (Morris-August Honors Student) • Gwendolyn Thayer • Kaitlyn West • Nora Traviss and Thomas Webler • EPA Healthy Communities Grant


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Malingering in College Students L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAlyson Mullett • Karen Jennings • Center For Creative Inquiry Grant Bedrock Geology in Northern Keene, NH and How It Relates to Groundwater Quality L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomKatie Woltner • Charles Kerwin • Billings Fund Grant through the Geological Society of America and a Center for Creative Inquiry Grant Can Comprehensive Sex Education Reduce STD Rates in LGBTQ+ Youth? L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomMorgan Sulham • Amanda Hickey Can Tadpoles Recognize Their Siblings? L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomHannah Gagnon • Moriah Audette • Susan Whittemore • NH-INBRE and Faculty Development Grant Chocolate Milk Doesn't Come From Brown Cows L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomLottie Page • Erin Greeter Disparities in Health Care Access Among Military Veterans L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomHannah Curtiss • Meg Henning Early Childhood Curriculum; Teaching Mathematics through Creative Arts L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomCiara Sikorski • Jayme Hines Effect of temperature increase and phosphorus concentrations on Hemoglobin in Daphnia L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAutumn Lagace-Hazeltine • Priyanka Roy Chowdhury • Start-up funds provided by Keene State College Food Insecurity and KSC Student Perceptions of Performance L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomIan Lehner • Samantha Blanc • Amanda Hickey • Dena Shields • Margaret Henning and Susan Whittemore • BEST Program Research Grant How do Beaver Dams Affect Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Rivers? L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomJessica Nekowitsch • Denise Burchsted and Sarah McGregor Interaction of Temperature Tolerance and Food Quality in Model Organism Daphnia Pulex L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomEmilyann Ashford • Meghan Hoffmann • Priyanka Roy Chowdhury • Faculty Development Grant Is Biodiesel Healthier? Toxicological Properties of Biodiesel Particles and their Effect on Gene Expression L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomCydnee Morgan • Nora Traviss • NH-INBRE through an Institutional Development Award (IDeA) • from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the NIH Islands in China’s Belt Road Initiative: Analyzing the Effects of Massive Infrastructure Projects in the Oceans Around Asia L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomLexi Munger • Sasha Davis • Sustainability • School of Sciences • and Health Student Research Stipend Isolation and Characterization of Staphylococcus epidermidis KSC-Kde L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomKelly Dellovo • Loren Launen • KSC Biology Department Loss of Genetic Diversity in Agriculture L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomColton Harvey • Sarah McGregor Measuring the Urban Heat Island Effect in Keene New Hampshire: Links to a Renewable Energy Plan L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomZane Atwood • Nick Young • Jason LaPanne • Alexandria Sabido • Christopher Cusack Military: Diplomacy’s Enemy L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomJulia Carroza • Jamison Hines Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Animal Shelter Rebranding Campaign L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomLaura Romaniello • Robert Kostick Physiological Response to Video and Written Trauma Narratives L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomTony Gentile • Harlan Fichtenholtz • and Tony Scioli • Donna Viveiros • NH-INBRE Predicting Coronal Mass Ejection Impacts at Earth L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomKaitlyn Hayes • Sarah McGregor Rapid and Sensitive Detection of Inorganic Ions Using Analyitcal Techniques L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomDusty Hamilton • James Kraly Review of Medication Assisted Treatment in Correctional Facilities L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomDominique Granata • Meg Henning Role of Disgust in OCD L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomJoshua Paquette • Harlan Fichtenholtz • Center For Creative Inquiry Grant Scope of Interventions Pertaining to Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Women of Color L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomHilmarie Javier-Jimenez • Kirk Sanger Short Term Diesel Exposure and Heart-Rate in Larval Frogs L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomCasey Koziara (Morris-August Honors Student) • Audrey Kaiser • Susan Whittemore • NH-INBRE Split Rock Falls: A Local Geologic Puzzle L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAndrew Starace • Charles Kerwin Sugar Addiction L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAlyson Librandi • Doug Wilcox Summer of Science: Major Project Findings Generated During Internship Bridging Keene State College & The Harris Center for Conservation Education L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAudrey Kaiser • Lauren Peyser • Emma Coffey • Karen Seaver and Brett Thelen The Effect of Adverse Childhood Experiences on the School Experience in Elementary School Aged Children L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomAlexandria Cardinal • Kimberly Bohannon The Effect of Population Size on Xenopus laevis Tadpole Behavior L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomClara LaPlume • Susan Whittemore and Sarah McGregor • NH-INBRE The Geography of Place-Making: Branding Keene and the Monadnock region L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomMadison Richardson • Brennan Joy • Victoria Stout • Haley Francescone • Christopher Cusack The Importance of Mapping Bedrock Geology in South-West NH L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomBriae Robillard • Charles Kerwin The Meaning of Benjamin's Franklin's Autobiographical Silences: Writing Out the History of Women and Slavery L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomMarissa Milley (Morris-August Honors Student) • Gregory Knouff Think Outside the Bulb: Modeling Solar Potential in Keene, New Hampshire L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomGwendolyn Thayer • Christopher Klem (Morris-August Honors Student) • Christopher Cusack and Christopher Brehme Where the Sidewalks End: Assessing the Progress of Complete Streets Policies in Keene, NH L.P. Young Student Center, Mabel Brown RoomVincent Saputo • Julie Elwell • Brendan Felix • Michael Murphy • Christopher Cusack